JobAps is the premier web-based Recruiting and Applicant Tracking System designed exclusively to meet the unique hiring requirements of government agencies.

JobAps encompasses the full hiring life cycle, in a Cloud based, Software-as-a-Solution offering...

Online Requisitions and Referrals

  • Online requisition management, status board and multi-level approval routing
  • Automatically copy requisition data as a starting point for recruitment plan when desired
  • Flexible certification/referral process utilizing your organization’s business rules and support for optional manual manipulation of complete eligible lists
  • Ability to merge/co-mingle lists and prioritize recruitments for referrals

Online Job Postings and Applicant Tracking

  • Automatically create job bulletins and update as needed 
  • Jobs open and post to your website automatically
  • Can post jobs to social media sites
  • Also post to dozens of free and paid job boards with a couple of clicks
  • Prescreening and automatic scoring with Supplemental Questionnaires

Examination Planning and Scoring

  • Multi-rater panel design and appointment creation
  • Automatic scheduling or web-based self-scheduling for exams
  • Calculate combinations of scores and weights to produce a final score and rank for applicants
  • Analyze and set passpoints and defensibility logic within each hurdle
  • Integrated correspondence management system for applicants
  • State-of-the-art Item Analysis

Robust Reporting

  • Management Dashboard for key recruiting metrics and applicant flow over time
  • Dozens of canned reports
  • Ad-hoc reporting at your fingertips

Electronic Notices

  • Email or paper notices to applicants from unlimited agency templates
  • Automatic screening for minimum qualifications with real-time notices to applicants based on responses
  • Confirmation notices for submission of complete applications and change of deadlines, job numbers, etc.

Online Testing

  • Create and edit questions using JobAps Question Designer
  • Questions can include text, images, and even video
  • Assign weights to responses, questions, subtests and tests
  • Administer tests in proctored/non-proctored environments by Internet

Education and Training

Our training approach has been developed across more than a decade of customer-centric experience. It training reflects your organization's processes first and our systems second. Shortly after kickoff, we begin to immerse key members of your staff in various functional capabilities of the JobAps system via a series of online training sessions. By the time we begin on-site training for your general staff, those key members are well positioned to support the overall adoption of the system.

Technical Support and Maintenance

JobAps has been providing world class maintenance and support to its customers for over a decade. Technical Support is available on the system and hosting with a live helpdesk! Technical Support Engineers have intimate knowledge of our customers' sites and business processes



At JobAps, we pride ourselves on providing the most powerful and flexible online public sector recruitment, assessment and selection systems available today. There is no other system on the market that offers the variety of configuration options that we do to meet virtually any organization’s specific needs, off the shelf. And we listen to our customers suggestions to help us break new ground every day with the evolution of this truly outstanding software.